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Who We Are

-The world at your fingertips-

We’re nuts about improving our business strategies so we ensure the right track to results from day one. Sure, we come up with great creative ideas and goal-oriented ideas that engage and captivate our customers.


UDFC Finance offers attractive Portfolio of Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services with providing professional advice and different financial proposals to our clients in order to help them achieve their financial goals with fewer efforts.


Umeshraj Group of Realestate- converting your dreams into reality.Being the first choice for our customers and partners in their journey of discovering, renting, buying, selling and financing your dream home. We do that with all new trends and stylish design, technology, and above all the passion for our customers while delivering value to our shareholders.


Umeshraj group of events are Jaipur Rajasthan based event organizers. Putting on their best efforts to satisfy our customers and create memories for them and for their loved ones.URG group of events are Luxury event organizers, stalls, Corporate / Commercial event organizers, Birthday party planners, Live music and orchestra. Entertainment shows.


Lepannga News site to know the front-page stories, top stories in politics, sports and business, both at the national and international arena. Read the news of the states of India, special features, supplements, and smile with the thought-provoking cartoons.

Meet Our Company

URG aims to deliver trust and brand services globally to its customers. Umeshraj group of events allows their audience to explore products or services like financing, branding, pet services, web development services, and many other services ensuring serving our customers.

URG Group takes gratification that the Umeshraj group of company products leading as an undisputed leader in the interconnects system for the services delivery. Umesh Raj Group is one of the leading and globally enlarging and most consequential groups of companies in the Rajasthan region actively producing services of biodiesel, fashion, industries, tracing, IT services, and many other services that making us a loyal and a trust icon.


- Statisfy Clients -

Ravi Joshi

URG Group of Events

I had the pleasure of working with URG group of events. The staff was very professional and was available to handle all my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend the URG group of events for any special event planning. They are the best. They take care of all the details they are very good at working with specific needs and budget in mind.

Shubham Pandey

UDFC Finance

Great people and awesome to work with them. from our first loan third it has been a painless fast process. they all are very professional and very nice in their work. every step was handled with professionalism and respect. They go above beyond to get the job done and I will definitely use this company again in future.

Anamika Doie

URG Infotech

Awesome place to start your career with and find the right path. Management and seniors are very supportive which gives you a real feeling that you are working as an entrepreneur.Good working environment.

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